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Rules for play.

We will discuss the rules we want to use. At this time, I expect we will use a point buy system, use core races, and allow for all other class combinations. All archtypes and prestige classes are allowed. If you play an assassin prestige class an exception will be made that you must play a good character and the prerequisite will be eliminated. All chararacters will be neutral or good aligned for the campaign. Rules are already created to eliminate party members disrupting the plans of other party members from completing their missions. Until I upgrade this site, I will try to post updates here and email everyone answers to their questions.

Beginning the campaign.

This campaign setting will be Pathfinder Society based. Free access to all materials for character creation and learning how to play are accessible at http://www.d20pfsrd.com/. You can create a character here and other group members can easily read your character and share ideas. This helps for better chracter creation and group cohesion. When I start paying for this site, we will have access to forums.

Home Page

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